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The seniors want him to try something new, to take of advantage of an opportunity. That anxiety is grounded in real data. Howard picked up all his things and moved to New York. GRIOT understands that not everyone gets their support from their biological family or romantic partner s. Some lost their chosen families to AIDS epidemic of the '80s, which left behind a whole generation.

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Lena. Age: 23.
gay seniors tumblr

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And compared to millennials, seniors like those in BuddyBuddy are more likely to have come out later in life , making it harder for them to form the chosen families necessary for their survival. Howard picked up all his things and moved to New York. She has one wish for her community:. Queer families or chosen families — the often platonic network of people LGBTQ folks call family — provide that sense of connection. Unlike many people his age, Howard didn't have to grieve alone. Like Robin, Chancer is a member of BuddyBuddy, working hard to bring isolated seniors into the Circle. Many are older and incapacitated, making it difficult to travel to the center.

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