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Although it was theorized that the actor that portrayed Artie also portrayed Naked Angela when she he shows her his head before Paul's head falls. Eight years later in , year-old Angela and year-old Ricky were called downstairs by her aunt after they packed their bags to go to summer camp at Camp Arawak. She was originally the anti-hero of the film. Archie Liberace apparently played Angela while she was naked in the ending, although it is not confirmed if you search the movie's title in IMDb Archie Liberace is credited as Naked Angela. That evening, Paul and Angela go to the rec. In Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers her motivation is much clearer, claiming to want to get rid of all the "bad kids" who can't follow the rules.

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The original publisher said Angela was the twin sister's name, but we don't know Peter's sister's name.

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Angela refuses to answer Judy and grows so out of control that Susie slaps her. Sign In Don't have an account? One year later, Angela tried again to fit in at camp, with the same outcome. Water skiers, not paying attention, ran over the family. She was giddy with excitement. John and Angela were killed in the accident and Peter survived with a head wound.

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