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There was plenty of sexposition. And it can only give the one distorting view. But, back to Honourable Chicken beating and fucking his slave. And the camerawork here offers a pervy counterpoint, different priorities. Occasional nakedness was a meaningful detail. It plays at the edges of rapey fantasy. Imagine a non-white person was subjected to the most violent instance of racial hatred, and then appeared to forget about it in the following episode.

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It was about connivance through performance, see?

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There was plenty of sexposition. Even the most infamous case of sexposition — the girl-on-girl sex scene in that constant brothel as Littlefinger narrates his history, pausing now and then to give the prostitutes instruction on what to do next, and how to do it — could be explained in sympathetic terms. And this statement offers a blanket endorsement while also spectacularly passing the buck. The kind of swaggering mentality that mistakes aggression for edge and thinks that to shock is to be interesting. And how many people would think that was ok?

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