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For some reason, I felt that Tommy was too busy for that; perhaps having a child running around would cause more stress than happiness. Yours was in there as well. My hands were constantly resting on it, soothingly rubbing it in calming motions. The next day, Greg and Lainey talked and agreed to give their marriage another chance. We have a huge house at home with many bedrooms that we can use. This was the screenshot that she released today: Now, to explain this last part about Lane and Sarah. Voices were raised, fists were thrown, and I was backed into a corner, forced to stand behind the bar as to not get hurt.

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I thought he would slump away, just wanting me to follow along.

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Holly. Age: 20.
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He wanted out of the life now, not for himself but for her and the baby. The next year, for whatever reason, they suddenly decided that it would be a fantastic fucking idea to bring Billie back into their home; and having browbeaten Lainey into this choice, he then declared that he, Lainey, and Billie were now in a polyamorous triad. Like : the young woman is pregnant and with Tommy for years but she constantly challenges him to fend for herself, to go out or else … and they argue. That if this were to continue, I would only be interested in Lainey. Just when I thought that no one could stop this, the doors burst open, Tommy, Arthur and John stormed in, knowing that there was trouble. Originally posted by euphoriaparker.

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