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tumblr gay drawings
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Tumblr has already, without notice, canceled many author accounts and destroyed authors materials, long before any announcement of content censorship. Let Betty Bowers be your spirit animal dude. Photo books, illustrations, and more. My pink money is going elsewhere. The thing that amazes me is not that Tumbler deleted something, even for a foolish reason, since the images apparently do not depict minors. And the reason might have to do with kiddie smut.

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Maryam. Age: 26.
tumblr gay drawings

This leads me to sever all ties with Tumblr and its parent organizations.

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Mia. Age: 21.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And the reason might have to do with kiddie smut. Erotic artist Jas Purrlock has used Tumblr to share her sexy artwork for five years. Nobody who is that offended by gay culture and sexuality would spend as much time reading Queerty as HereIAm does. Of course it has to do with censorship. Craigslist has felt the sting of member losses and advert.

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