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I love it when Rarity is played straight like that, reminds us nicely that not only is she a normal character, not just some drama queen , but is a lso actually one of the more mature members of the Mane 6 believe it or not. I have to start by giving major props to DashForever for his excellent insight following my first viewing of the episode. But no, I was not saying at all that this was her best performance, simply that her finest qualities were on full display here in a truly exceptional performance. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Second, I need to visit Mystic Alpha's Deviantart page and start faving some of his latest work. I forgot one more thing to add. Did he just make that one with Sweetie and Luna?

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By the end, she no longer felt animosity towards her sister despite the genuine difficulties that come with being a little sister sometimes ; rather, she not only loved her sister more than ever, but wanted to strive to be as good a pony as Rarity is.

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What am I getting at with this? You can tell there Polsky amassed continuity in this episode, but it never rams you over the head. Gotta point out what I feel to be perceived flaws in your analysis, or, at least, general perception of her character. Here, Sweetie Belle did not just make an innocent mistake, she deliberately did something quite cruel in a fit of rage, more or less, and the episode went to some dark places as a result. Speaking of Rarity, let's talk about her next thankfully her section shouldn't be nearly as long as SB's was, if only because Rarity wasn't in the episode as much. So despite the fact that this was hardly the biggest story ever told in MLP, it was still a perfect story for what it was, and I give major kudos to the writing department at DHX on this one.

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