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These classics would embed themselves into our cultural subconscious and change the way we look at action, adventure, horror, and science fiction. Instead of a portion of her unconscious being brought to life, like in the comics, in this story line Kara is brainwashed by Darkseid. Of all those run-ins, this panel by Gary Frank is one of our favorites of all time. There are only two members left, Bouncing Boy and Brainiac -- as the rest have been brainwashed by the Fatal Five. Except the witches, of course. Supergirl returns home from her week of super-adventures only to find her hometown has been taken over by an evil alien intelligence! Cat Grant has been around since her debut in in Adventures of Superman , and undergone many interesting encounters.

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Supergirl stays in the future with him, leaving it up to a few unlucky members of the League to break the news to Superman. It makes us uh, no feel so good. We wonder where the conversation went after this awkward moment? Kal responds in the above panel with the memorable confession that if he were to marry, he would want to marry her! You read the above subtitle correct, folks! Being on their own is a rarity, and we get to see the two young super-heroines chase Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Livewire around Gotham.

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