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sissy maid in chastity
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Then there are the costs associated with her hairdresser, manicurist, tanning salon, health club membership, massage therapist and tennis lessons to take care of. A Day in the Life of a Chastity Maid Chastity Sissy featured Y ou may have your own idea of what a day in the life of a chastity maid is like…. While Mistress is in the bathroom getting ready for work, I lay out her clothes for the day, as per instructions from the night before. I am instructed to clear the table, clean up the kitchen and then head upstairs to get all dolled up. Once I get to work, I can expect a daily text from my Mistress telling me to run an errand or two during my lunch hour. I am admonished not to keep them waiting long. I absolutely HATE doing this this but Mistress claims that this submissive behavior of her chastity maid produces a warm glow inside of her pussy.

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Alaia. Age: 23.
sissy maid in chastity

I proceed to serve her coffee and fruit for breakfast and then scurry off to run her shower.

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Caroline. Age: 25.
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I am admonished not to keep them waiting long. The sight of her chastised, feminized and frustrated maid standing there, sexually denied, while she is free to make love with abandon is just too much for her. The following morning I lightly knock on her bedroom door, fully dressed and made-up of course, to take their breakfast-in-bed order. She and her boyfriend plan to accompany me and watch the entire procedure. It seems that her lover is having concerns over the security of my chastity.

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