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Certainly, it is possible in such a state to make a decision you later regret. Of course, sex crimes prosecutors rarely want her on their side. For example, she once conducted a thorough survey of their 21st birthdays: Participants came in after partying to discuss what they drank, how drunk they got, who they were with, and what they did. Countless dating and hookup apps for whatever your preferences are! Clinical psychologists should not be rapeapologists. Although it's estimated that half of all sexual assaults involve alcohol, it used to be that women who were raped while drunk rarely, if ever, reported it to police.

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Kynlee. Age: 22.
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Few people understand what it truly means to be in a blackout, Fromme said.

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Miranda. Age: 28.
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Guys: if the girl you are with is noticeably inebriated, even if she seems enthusiastic about having sex with you, know that the law may still consider it rape. Oooh, and you did that Tina Turner song up on the table. In , she testified for the defense in the landmark Steubenville, Ohio, high school football rape case, in which two teenage football players were charged with and found guilty of sexually assaulting an intoxicated year-old girl. One can be blacked out on hypnotic drugs, still be responsive to their environments, but not able to consent. Click here for more on Outside Your Bubble.

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