Getting Down To Basics with Dogs

Importance of Dogs.

Dogs are known to be the world’s best friend domestic animal, dogs have been in the longest history known to have served human in many ways. Living without dogs has is becoming a bit hard in man’s current lifestyle. Being used as security guards, dogs have since been so useful in our today’s lifestyle. Cases about theft and many more have forced people to fall in love with these creatures called dogs. People have come to believe and trust in dogs than human themselves security wise. All in all dogs can be kept for different purposes like just as pets and not as guards. These creatures are beautiful and very entertaining thus not all dogs are best in protecting. Despite dogs being created for security purposes, not all breeds are effective for protecting people rather for beauty due to their attractive nature.

There are many types of dogs with different characteristics. By starting with, we have large breed dogs these are dogs that physically the look bulky and strong enough to attack. Due to its nature of largeness, large breed puppies grow rapidly faster than other dogs. Calcium is vital in every living creature but in this large breed dogs calcium is a priority due to its large bones that need more nutritious food to make them stronger. Large breed dogs are mainly used by police and big organization territories for their strong and large appearance that would scare someone at a glance.

Families that don’t want any dog guards tend to fancy small breed dogs for their beautiful attractive looks and their playful nature. Most of the small breed are kept by either elderly people who just need company and nothing more. Small breed are more advantageous for they are flexible and easy to carry around wherever. We have German shepherd the most powerful, intelligent and very wise dog, this breed is known of its charming character and is used by many including the police.

Due to its wise nature many have come to love the breed for it is said to be very effective security wise. One may misjudge German’s medium-sized appearance not knowing it is the most intelligent and smart dog of all. Water dogs just from their name are better used for water activities like catching fish and other stuff in the water. These type of breeds are mostly used in retrieving lost fish from fishermen’s net or even rescue dead human bodies or anything in the waters. Dogs are awesome and have been and will continue to treasure them forever.

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