Anime archer male

anime archer male
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Don't be fooled by Yuka's girlish looks, as there's more than meets the eye. There's nothing cooler than an anime archer who happens to be a deadly ninja. In fact, her book buying habits are so excessive that she overspends, and has little money left over for necessities. Let's just say that Borgoff isn't the nicest of people. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

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Lucia. Age: 26.
anime archer male

Furthermore, he hasn't allowed his position as the prince of the Emishi tribe get to him.

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Lyric. Age: 24.
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List of archers

You don't want to be within range when she fires her Mars Flame Sniper. Then you've come to the right list, full of gunslingers galore! One thing's for sure, none us would like to be one of Archer's targets! Some pilot giant mecha, others are mighty warriors, and a few others are pop idols. We're so accustomed to seeing our favorite heroes and heroines wield swords, fire guns, and cast magic spells. Not surprising considering her pampered lifestyle.

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