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interacial cuckold stories
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Alice. Age: 23.
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The second guy spat on her ass and rubbed it into her virgin asshole with his finger.

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Naomi. Age: 21.
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Interracial Cuckold Story

He went again, deeper, then deeper. Later on that day, I got a text from an unknown number. She says you only have a small one and wants to feel a real man inside her! She seemed to be enjoying it, moaning harder than ever. I have always knew she could have whoever she wanted as she always looks hot no matter when you see her! She was kneeling over him with his cock already pressed between her legs as it was so long, it will have been pressing against her delicate lips that were so obviously wet from her being turned on. Then the guys started cumming, the one in her pussy first, I could see the white cum around his shaft oozing out of her as she continued to thrust down on him, then the second exploded his load into her ass.

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