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Two serial killer brothers who are made to guard the 5th Laboratory, and like Barry The Chopper, have their souls attached to a suit of armour, called Number Several publications for anime, manga, and other media have provided praise and criticism to the characters from the series. Envy is voiced by Mayumi Yamaguchi in the first Japanese series, and by Minami Takayama in the second. For people named Alexander Armstrong, see Alexander Armstrong disambiguation. The resulting misshaped creatures are later exposed to incomplete Philosopher's Stones that enable them to closely resemble the deceased humans they were intended to be. Two years later, Selim is shown to have grown into a much more compassionate young child. Wrath is the result of Izumi's attempt to revive her infant child.

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This act ultimately backfires when Gluttony eats Dante, with the homunculus remaining under Central City before being ultimately destroyed by Wrath using him as payment along with himself to open the Gate.

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Greed is given complete control of Ling's body after Ling willingly relinquishes control, believing this to be the only way to gain immortality. Al does so and is able to reunite with Ed, while Wrath is able to reunite with the spirit of Izumi. When Edward gives up his alchemy to get Alphonse's body and soul back, Truth congratulates him saying Edward finally understood, that even without alchemy he still has his friends. Riza Hawkeye shoots Archer down while he tries to kill Roy Mustang. He eventually becomes a homunculus himself so as to become immortal, relinquishing his body to Greed without any resistance. Despite these baleful traits, he has some attachment to his adoptive human mother.

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