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Why is Simba [from 'The Lion King'] sexy? So after nearly 30 minutes of online chatter, all of it conducted by virtual representations, what would the actors want to transform into if they really had the power to change? For Bay, a voyage into cyberspace put him right in the heart of the lion's den, smack dab in the center of the very people who made their displeasure vocal when it was announced he would be the film's director. Example: "Does your microphone smell like bacon? Later, his cast lauded him for his no-nonsense approach. Whenever he's ready to go, I think we're all in.

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It's gotta be Bay or the movie doesn't work," he said.

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Notorious for being somewhat arrogant and difficult to deal with, Bay's avatar was the very best of hosts, all smiles as he held court in front of a virtual, and extremely cool-looking, Megatron. If avatars could laugh, the assembled journalists would have been in stitches. We kept a lot of the iconic things with Optimus Prime. Visually, I've never seen anything close to what Bay puts on screen. He did argue, however, that Michael Bay shares at least one very important trait with his more celebrated counterpart. As it was, many clicked on the applause button, their hands politely clapping in appreciation of Megan's candor.

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