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For Hire: 9 Oddly Different Jobs That Pay Extremely Good

A routine job can become quite boring not to mention the fact that if it runs from 9 to 5 take up to enough energy with very little pay, quite sad to think about your overtimes with no extra pays.

If you ever plan of leaving your job for an increase in salary, you might wanna consider the ones below, view here to learn more about 9 weird jobs that actually has an amazing pay.

If you are too shy to show your face but still wants to be a model, you can actually be a body part model that earns up to $1,000 a day plus not to mention the insurance your parts get.

Even working as an embalmer or the person who prepares the dead and for their funerals or burials earn as much as $40,000 a year, however, this is not for the squeamish types.

Even racehorses needs their exercise before going to the field and this is made possible through the help of horse exercisers which gets payed around $28,000 a year warming up horses.

If you can either sing or dance and love travelling then being a cruise ship entertainer is for you, in which you can get paid for $1,000-$4,000 a month.

Ever dreamed of a wild job that can be both exciting and dangerous then bounty hunting is for you, bounty hunters are hired to find fugitives that bailed their hearings, you can make a striking figure of $80,000 per year with this job.

Making $150,000 a year, extraction technicians are those responsible for maneuvering machines and equipment for extracting cannabis for marijuana dispensaries.

Making a steady figure of $70,000 and more not to mention having insured taste buds, food scientists or food tasters are the most fun jobs in this list.

There is also a food stylist someone who is responsible for making sure that the food looks appealing for customers in which it makes around $450-$850 a day.

Certified ethical hacker is hired by companies to try to hack into their networks in order to check for security issues, this job pays around $89,000 a year.

Bottom line is these figures cannot be achieved without hard work so before entering any of these job you have to read more and learn about the field you are interested in.